Private investigator pre-assignment training


What is "Pre-Assignment Training?

Pre-Assignment training is mandated by Washington State law as it relates to new unarmed/armed Private Investigators (RCW 18.165.090). 

It is four (4) hours of training ranging from privacy laws, Fair Credit Reporting Act, Evidence, Report Writing and more. Roughly 46 topics in all. 

Who Needs It?

All private investigator applicants who want to work for an agency, after receiving preassignment training and prior to receiving their license, must successfully complete a test designed to demonstrate their understanding and retention of the information learned in the training course. 

The Test

The test consists of thirty multiple questions based on the training topics outlined above. Test results must be verified and signed by a certified trainer. All applicants must answer all questions correctly on the private investigator preassignment training test. Questions incorrectly answered initially must be reviewed to insure the applicant's understanding and then initialed by both the applicant and the certified trainer verifying knowledge of the correct answer(s). 

The test is conducted at the end of the training. The trainer will sign off on your application. In addition, a complementary certificate is provided by our company's certified trainer. Your test is retained by our agency.

How Can I Take The Training?

We have started hosting classes here in the Centralia area. Centralia is located between Seattle and Portland, making it a perfect spot for applicants in the Sound Sound region. Our Certified Trainer can also come to your location and provide training, for an extra fee, within 50 miles of Centralia.

Also make an appointment for 1 on 1

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