Mystery Shopper

As a business owner, you may be asking yourself "Why would I need a private investigator as a mystery shopper?"

Having a private investigator coming into your business will insure there is transparency into any issues you may be having with employees. You will be able to have an independent person, not influenced by anyone or anything going on within your business, to make the assessment. 

There may not be any issues or complaints against employees. Maybe you need to independently audit how your team is providing the  customer service you expect from them. 

Whatever your case may be, your business's success depends on your employees and how they interact with other employees and the public. This is and will always be a major liability to any business. Do you risk letting complaints or other issues slide? Or do you address them by having a professional conduct the review?

So let's say you are interested and are considering this service for your business. What do you get?

- Meeting between business owner/supervisor in charge and the investigator.

- Review of policies/procedures, if requested, regarding handling of: keys, money, surveillance, customer service, etc.

- Professional report provided to you about all the interactions and review of policies, if applicable. 

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mystery shopper

mystery shopper