L & I Injured Worker Fraud


Below are a few of the behaviors that might indicate injured worker fraud.

Claim Fraud: Not injured at work (or not injured at all)

 If you see someone who …

  • Appears to have been injured, but no one else witnessed the accident.
  • Gives conflicting stories as to how the injury occurred.
  • Appears to have let a lot of time elapse between the injury and the date they first got medical treatment.
  • Appears to have sustained the injury while off work.
  • Appears to have been injured immediately prior to a planned strike or the completion of a job.
  • Appears to have been injured immediately prior to or after a disciplinary action against them.
  • Appears to have been Injured immediately prior to being terminated from their job.
  • Moves out of the state or the country shortly after the alleged injury.
  • Appears to have a history of filing multiple claims.

Unfair Benefits Fraud: Doing activities inappropriate for an injured worker

 If you see someone who appears to …

  • Participate in recreational or other activities inconsistent with alleged injury.
  • Claim dependents not in his legal/personal custody.
  • Claim a spouse when not married.
  • Misuse drugs or display drug-seeking behavior (prescription or non-prescription).
  • Frequently change doctors ("doctor shopping").

Disability Fraud: Working while on disability

 If you see someone who appears to …

  • Be working while on time-loss.
  • Be regularly away from home during normal business hours.
  • Be receiving unemployment benefits while on time-loss.
  • Be working and being paid "under the table" while receiving time-loss benefits.
  • Be doing "volunteer" work while receiving time-loss benefits.
  • Be providing care under DSHS's COPES program while on time-loss.

SOURCE: Washington State Labor & Industries (2018)

Where we come in


There are several different types of fraud committed in Washington State which cost you and the state millions of dollars each year. Washington Labor & Industries has a team of investigators who look into these claims. However, these take time.


At Gadsden Risk Services, we have a team dedicated to providing assistance with helping you in this regard, with the proper equipment and electronics to get the job done. We specialize in surveillance, witness interviewing (recorded & transcribed) and scene processing/photography. If you are a pro-active owner, risk manager or supervisor it behooves you to get the ball rolling and not wait around for the state.

At the conclusion of the investigation, we provide you detailed reports, documents, photographs and video of what was captured.  We do all the work and deliver the results to you. 

With military and law enforcement veterans at the helm of your investigation, you can rest assured the work product you get is professional and complete.



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